Sunday, December 31, 2006

Europe Needs Mexicans !

Back in October 26, 2006, the Wall Street Journal ran a review of a book, "Integrating Islam," by Jonathan Laurence, published by the Brookings Institution. The book reviewer reminded the readers that a year ago Muslim youths in Paris were rioting and burning.

The article mentioned a Pew Global Attitudes survey published in July showed British Muslims considered themselves Muslim first (81%) rather than British first (only 7%). The result is terrorist bombing and a serious terrorist threat in Britain.

When you consider how militant Muslims are forcing the European governments to spend a lot of money fighting terrorism while honest, hard working Mexicans die in American deserts trying to find opportunities, it would seem cheaper and fairer for European governments to pay the transportation for Mexicans to immigrate to Europe. Mexican are not rioting nor are they plotting terrorism.

Mexicans could provide the cheap labor Europe wants without the threat, and cost, of terrorism!!


Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The War on the Middle Class

I have just finished reading "The War on the Middle Class" by Lou Dobbs.

The hispanic community is very concerned with the illegal immigration issue. But whether you are a legal or illegal immigrant, what future is there for you or your children if Corporate America destroys the middle class?

Every person in America, citizen or not-citizen, should be concerned with the future of the middle class. Without a middle class, America will become another 3rd World country: only the rich and the poor.

There are rich people in Mexico, so why do poor Mexicans come to America? There is opportunity here because the middle class has disposable income that filters down to the poor. The rich do not give any support to the poor. If they did, there would be opportunity in Mexico.

America is on its way to becoming another Mexico. If the middle class is destroyed in America, the hope for all Mexican immigrants will be snuffed out.


Friday, December 22, 2006

The Hispanic Century ?

I've read articles that spoke of this age being China's century. China is certainly prospering now. Why can we not have a hispanic century? The chinese work hard, but many hispanics know how to work hard. Why do they talk about a China century but not a hipanic century?

One major difference is education and culture. China has emphasized the importance of education for thousands of years. That love of education is not present in the hispanic culture. If the hispanic world wants more prosperity, it needs to embrace education.

A dedication to education should be a part of a hispanic vision.


Sunday, December 17, 2006


I live in Texas and the Texas city of Farmers Branch has recently stirred up controversy by passing an ordinance making it illegal for a land-lord to rent property to illegal aliens. Some members of the Hispanic community are upset, but I think those members who are upset lack a long-term vision for a successful Hispanic community.

I should also mention that I was born in Chihuahua, Mexico, and am half Mexican. I care about the hispanic community because I am hispanic.