Sunday, December 31, 2006

Europe Needs Mexicans !

Back in October 26, 2006, the Wall Street Journal ran a review of a book, "Integrating Islam," by Jonathan Laurence, published by the Brookings Institution. The book reviewer reminded the readers that a year ago Muslim youths in Paris were rioting and burning.

The article mentioned a Pew Global Attitudes survey published in July showed British Muslims considered themselves Muslim first (81%) rather than British first (only 7%). The result is terrorist bombing and a serious terrorist threat in Britain.

When you consider how militant Muslims are forcing the European governments to spend a lot of money fighting terrorism while honest, hard working Mexicans die in American deserts trying to find opportunities, it would seem cheaper and fairer for European governments to pay the transportation for Mexicans to immigrate to Europe. Mexican are not rioting nor are they plotting terrorism.

Mexicans could provide the cheap labor Europe wants without the threat, and cost, of terrorism!!


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