Saturday, August 11, 2007

A Hispanic Vision for Mexican Americans

Mexican-Americans need to think globally. Mexico should be part of that global vision. The problems in Mexico cannot be ignored.

The Wall Street Journal on Friday August 3, 2007, published an excellent op-ed piece on deficiencies in the Mexican economy, "Mexico's Job-Creation Problem," by Joel Kurtzman. Mr. Kurtzman identified problems and we should care about those problems. One is the excessive concentration of wealth. Kurtzman described some inefficient monopolies and also mentioned Carlos Slim.

The very next day, August 4, had an article in the Journal about Slim: "The Secret's of the World's Richest Man," by David Luhnow. The article said Carlos Slim was more powerful than the Mexican government. It seems obscene for the world's richest man to live in such a poor country.

It is possible for the rich to rob the poor. America did it with sub-prime mortgages. We cannot help but wonder how much of Mexico's poverty is created by the business practices of the Mexican rich.

Kurtzman's article also identified the lack of credit in Mexico as a force stifling business growth in Mexico.

Mexico is not poor because of a lack of natural resources. The people are poor because their leaders have impoverished them. Mexican-Americans should provide the leadership to help the Mexican people overcome the weakness of their leadership class.

It is a mistake to sue American cities that try to deal with too many illegal aliens. The problems that hurt Mexicans are not in American cities, the problems are in Mexico.


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