Monday, January 21, 2008

Vikram Pandit, Why not an Hispanic?

Now that Citigroup finally got rid of Charles Prince, they replace him with Vikram Pandit, who is from India. Have you noticed that there are many Indians on Wall Street? And a lot of Chinese are very successful, but you do not see Hispanics being so successful. You can drive from Mexico to Wall Street. You cannot say that about India, but they make it here, and make it here legally. We have hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens, but America is not getting highly educated Mexicans. Why? Are there no highly educated Mexicans? Or are there no educated Mexicans with the drive of the uneducated? What's the problem?

This failure of Mexicans to compete for the top jobs in America is what Mexican-Americans should worry about, not helping illegal aliens stay here. There are problems in Mexico, but that is not talked about. There are only complaints against America. It's not right.