Sunday, March 9, 2008

Illegal Drugs Should Worry Hispanics

The Dallas Morning News ran an article, "Many Worried Juarez'Bloody Drug War Spilling into U.S." by Alfredo Corchado on the front page, February 28, 2008.

The article says 72 people have died in Juarez because of the drug war, and the murderers are crossing the border and killing in El Paso.

Illegal drugs are killing too many people in Mexico for Hispanics to be uninterested. It is more than life and death for people, it is a threat to the sovereignty of Mexico. The drug lords are trying to carve out independent fiefdoms beyond the reach of Mexican law and government.

A fence along the Mexican border and tighter security would reduce drug trafficking, save lives, and help the Mexican government regain control of the border towns.

The people who oppose a fence along the border do not have the best interests of Mexico in mind.

Besides the drug war in Mexico, Mexican-American children in Dallas are dying of drug overdoses. Hispanics should be fighting drugs, not fighting efforts to curtail illegal immigration.

Illegal immigration is a red-herring, a distraction from the important issues facing the Mexican-American community.