Monday, August 18, 2008

Language and Success

David Hall, who ran for the Plano ISD school board in 2008, was recently sharing his concern about the education of children not proficient in English. Here is a link to what he said in his blog recently: Focus on English.

In our discussion, I suggested to him that parents take more control over their children's education. If Hispanic parents speak only Spanish, then their children are at a disadvantage. All Hispanic adults in America should learn English and then help their children learn English. It is a mistake to create a Spanish-only subculture and try to hid in a Spanish-only part of town.

Governments and businesses that put writing into Spanish for you are doing you no favor. Like the Mexican-American men who go back to Mexico for a bride that speaks only Spanish, and then keeps her speaking Spanish only, so everyone that wants Hispanics to speak only Spanish are using the Spanish language as a tool for subjugation. Spanish-only is a source of weakness. Some Mexican-American men want their wives in subjugation and the language becomes a mechanism for control, to have power over the wife.

Spanish together with English is a powerful combination. Husbands should encourage their wives to learn English and to teach it to their children.

Rather than protesting the actions of the American government to control its borders, the Hispanic community should make learning English a priority. Look at how successful the Chinese and Indians are in America. That is because they learn English and pursue education. It's hard for a child to excel in education when that child cannot speak English.

My last post mentioned the deaths in Mexico from drug wars. Today's Wall Street Journal had an Op-Ed piece by Mary Anastasia O'Grady, "Mexico Pays the Price of Prohibition," where she mentions the killings in Mexico.

The Hispanic community needs to be strongly against drugs. Children who are successful in school and applying themselves in their eduction will be less inclined to be dopers.