Sunday, November 23, 2008

Involved Hispanic Parents

The Dallas Morning News, Sunday Nov. 16, 2008, page B1, the Metro Section in that Sunday's paper had a good article by Stella M. Chavez: "Teaching Parents, Too".

The article emphasized how children improve their school experience when their parents are involved. The author gave a nice example of a dad sitting at the same table as his daughter, both of them reading. The child's reading experience, her focus and interest, improved because her dad joined her. The article did not say she needed his help. He read books in Spanish, one being on the history of the Roman empire.

It was a great article. All children benefit when their parents are involved. The article also described how some bi-lingual parents helped Spanish-only parents understand the school system.

It was a well done article. I'm sorry the paper did not index it on their website (I cannot provide a link for you).