Saturday, March 19, 2011

Memories from my Abuelita's house

I took my daughter today to hear Lucia di Lammermoor Live at the MET on HD. It was a wonderful experience at my neighborhood movie theater.

I first learned to love opera in my Abuelita's house in Chihuahua. I did not know at that time that I was listening to Madam Butterfly by Puccini. I was a preschool child. My mother loved Aida by Verdi and played it in our home in America.

The music from my Abuelita's home haunted me for years. As an adult I finally realized it was the song "Un bel di" (One beautiful day) from Madam Butterfly that haunted my memories.

In was a nice thought I had in the movie theater today that my daughter is carrying on a multi-generational love of opera. I am very grateful to my Abuelita and my mother for their love of good music.

God bless you, Abuelita. I remember you fondly.


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